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I will post City of Heavenly Fire spoilers, but I will tag them with CoHF spoilers.

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  Anonymous said:
Rubinrot Buch ist besser als Film. Im Film haben sie so einiges an der Reihenfolge und von der Story her abgeändert.

Hab ich mir schon gedacht.

Ich habs ja irgendwie total verkehrt gemacht: ich hab den Film auf Englisch gesehen und lese jetzt die ersten beiden Bücher auf deutsch, um dann Saphirblau auf deutsch zu gucken. ^^

  Anonymous said:
Soll ich auch Rubinrot lesen? ich hab die filme gesehen und ich fand sie jetzt nicht so toll,aber meine freunde meinen dass die bücher viel besser sind (und ganz anders).

Frag mich besser noch mal am Samstag, dann kann ich das besser beurteilen. Ich habe allerdings auch schon gehört, dass Buch 1 und Film 1 nicht gleich waren.

PS. Bücher sind immer besser als Filme! ;)

  Anonymous said:
wait what, they made that book into a movie? Because I've read all three of them and I didn't know that.... or is it a german movie, because I'm from Belgium... P.S: love your blog!!!!

Thank you :)

The first two books are actually movies now! I know that Ruby Red was not only released in German - I actually watched it in English - and I’m sure international fans will also get to watch movie #2.

Need to finish this tonight and read #2 tomorrow because I’ll see the film on Friday.

  Anonymous said:
Okay, I've been thinking about this: I hope Mark and Cristina don't have a romance. I mean I like romance and all but I would really would like to see his connection with his family only we will have a lot of romance already. It's been bothering since that snippet. I just would like to see his family being the focus in this series and when everything is in the place it should be maybe in the next series. What do you think about it?

We don’t know for sure that Mark and Cristina will become involved. Cassie has said that their love lives are complicated and also wrote:

guess I would say that Mark, after coming from years in Faerie, does not view relationships the way everyone else in his family does. “in love” and “monogamy” do not go together in his mind. If you went on a date with Mark, you could expect him to kiss everyone else at the bar. Everyone else.”

We’ll just have to wait and see but I wouldn’t mind some romantic love for Mark, maybe it will help him deal with what happened to him while he was away?

  Anonymous said:
Will clary and jace be in the trilogy? What happens to jace and clary, simon and isabelle and magnus and alec?

You mean in The Dark Artifices?

I don’t know if all 6 will appear in TDA, but some TMI characters will have cameos. Some of them will be in the first chapter of Lady Midnight.

CoHF spoilers

Jace and Clary will probably get married, there were hints in the epilogue.

Simon will train to become a Shadowhunter and get back together with Isabelle, maybe they’ll be engaged in 2013?

Magnus and Alec will definitely get married and adopt a child; Cassie mentioned this in one of her tumblr posts and also on twitter.

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In one of her tumblr posts Cassie mentions “a sort of world of Lost Shadowhunters, and that does come up in Dark Artifices" - Shadowhunters that "lead normal lives among mundanes (like Tessa’s mother.)”. I can’t be the only one who thinks of the Lost Herondale, right?

Before CoHF was released, she also wrote

I can promise that Jace does during CoHF definitively answer the question of whether he wants to don the mantle of his Herondale heritage, so to speak. And it may also be the case that even if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be the end of the Herondales, but for that, you’ll have to wait. :)

and tagged this with “the dark artifices”.

When she talked about the Herondale star scar:

People that we know of that had it: Will, James, Owen, Marcus, Stephen, Jace. That’s it. (People we don’t know of falls under the “wait and see” category. The family tree doesn’t cover everything!)

So it definitely looks like we will be meeting this mysterious lost Herondale in one of the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy AND The Dark Artifices.

ooo Herondale discussion *rubs hands eagerly*

Oh yes, definitely. Also, do we know about gender? You and I have probably discussed this at some point in the past, but I’m fairly sure LostHerondale is more likely to be male because that makes the question of unconvering his Herondale heritage much easier to determine (i.e. scar, surname). Jace himself was at one point a ‘Lost Herondale’, after all. 

I think the most interesting part of LostHerondaleBoy is the how and why he becomes lost. In such a small, close-knit society, how does a Shadowhunter child become estranged from his biological family/inherent Nephilim society and is abandoned to the mundane world, (presumably) entirely alone? What are the circumstances that would cause a Shadowhunter couple/individual to do that? Was he sent away as a child, or at birth — was he illegitimate, was there some kind of physical defect like being born lacking normal Shadowhunter abilities? Or was it a combination of unconventional (and currently unguessable plot-related) reasons? 

ALSO. Are we talking about one specific individual, or a GENERATIONS of LostHerondaleS? Is there a whole string of them out there, or just one specific individual? Because whether or not we’re talking about plural identities massively effects when this initial abadonment of HerondaleBoy took place on a time scale. And thereby his age. I.e. if it is indeed only one specific character we’re referring to here that will appear in TSA as well as TDA then it’s probable that HerondaleBoy was the issue of acertainStephen or that there are other Herondales deliberately erased from the family tree (lets say for instance Stephen had a younger brother who ‘died’, but actually renounced the Shadowhunter life for a mundane woman— but again, that quickly leads us down the path of LostHerondaleS as opposed to just one) or was it someone else entirely? 

SOMETHING THAT ALSO PREYS ON MY MIND: (I can’t find the post, but I’m sure Cat can) Cassie mentioned a while ago that we’d, at some point, meet a not-so-good-guy, positively bad, morally ambiguous, Herondale… Just something to think about. 

Let’s start at the end:

"It would be easy to idealize the Herondales, but they are, after all, just people. There will be more stories about the Circle in future; can’t talk about them quite yet, but you will see more of the influences that shaped Stephen. (And in fact meet a different, even worse Herondale.)” x

Eeep, a worse Herondale than Stephen, do not want.

About the Lost Herondale and why he is lost, Cassie mentioned this:

There is a male viewpoint in a future book of a Shadowhunter who was born mundane and Ascended, and also a boy who is a Shadowhunter whose parents left the Clave and has grown up in the mundane world.

If she considers the Shadowhunter Academy Tales to be a book then Simon is the mundane turned Shadowhunter and the other boy could be a lost Herondale. Like you’ve said, Stephen’s younger (or also older) brother could have left the Clave for a mundane woman and they could have a son (because a lost female Herondale would be just plain weird!).

I think you and I also once talked about Amatis and Stephen having a son that Amatis had to give away but it’d be completely heartbreaking (at least for me) if that son was ‘evil’.

And even if the lost Herondale isn’t directly related to Stephen and Jace, it’ll be interesting to find out how he got lost!

The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that we’re only talking about one Herondale because the title of the first Academy book was Herondale and not the plural.

So many questions *sighs*

  Anonymous said:
You seem to like it when you get fanfic fairies, so I thought I'd give it a try. Here's some TDA even though we haven't actually seen much of the characters yet! :) Apologies for the lack of paragraphs, etc. I'll send another message immediately after this one so I have the most space possible.

By the Angel, I cannot believe I forgot to post this! I apologise dear TDA fanfic faerie! I really loved it so I’ll publish everything in this message now.

From my TDA fanfic faerie:

There was a faint whistle of displaced air as Emma slipped into Julian’s room, and her instincts threw her into a crouch just in time for a slender dagger to flash over her head like a fork of silver lightning. There was a deafening snap, and a heavy, viscous substance splashed thickly onto the newspapers that covered the floor. Panic lanced through Emma in a streak of vivid red before she realized that the knife had struck not a body but a balloon, and that the fluid was not blood but paint.

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