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  Anonymous said:
have you read the iron trial yet? if so, what did you think? :)

My copy will hopefully arrive on Thursday and then I’ll read it asap.

*prays a lot that maybe JUST MAYBE SHE’LL WRITE ANOTHER BOOK* i feel like gwen/gideon needed more a ending too? and that there are so many questions? I NEED ANOTHER BOOK

I want more Lucy, Paul and Xemerius! Gwen and Gideon were a bit boring to be honest.

  Anonymous said:
Als ich mit Smaragdgrün fertig war, dachte ich mir erstmal "das wars???" ... Das ging plötzlich alles so schnell und so wenig wurde aufgeklärt.. dagegen war zu viel Teen-Drama von Gwen~

Ach Gott, ja! Das Ende war zu plötzlich und um ehrlich zu sein, fand ich Gwen und Gideon nicht so toll. Ich fand Lucy und Paul netter und hätte gerne noch mehr von ihnen erfahren.

(Just discussing the Ruby Red trilogy with the anon)

I’ve been stumped by this myself! I feel like I need another book…but to be entirely honest, I’m not sure

He is her nephew. I’m not 100% satisfied, I still have questions that I need answers to.

  linwelt said:
Did Lottie and Henry have more sons? Or they only had two: Charles and Matthew?


As of TLH, Charlotte and Henry have two sons: Charles and Matthew. They also have very young daughters.

Girls don’t always show up on family trees — like if Owen Herondale had a sister, she might not appear — because family trees follow a family name, and the girls don’t carry on the name. Yes it is patriarchal and sexist but the family tree is meant to be a “found object” so it is what it is. :) 

One theory is that he’s her little brother… Maybe his aging process is slower because of his parents? Not immortal like Gwen but…? Or he’s her nephew? Lady Arista called him her “Faktotum” (only know the german word) after all… Most likely related..

I checked the German wikia page and apparently Kerstin Gier confirmed that he’s Gwen’s nephew.

Ja. theoretisch sind sie Geschwister~

Nee, Tante und Neffe. Mr Bernhards Vater war Gwens Bruder.

i think he isnt but i’m not sure. great trilogy though i love it so much

Mr Bernhard is her nephew, I just checked the German wikia page.

I am finally done with Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green!

I’ve got one question left though:

Is Mr Bernhard - the butler - related to Gwen?

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