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Information flood: The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices and the City of Bones movie

On March 24 I met Cassie in Cologne (seperate post here) and was able to ask her a few a lot of questions.

Cassie answered 4 of my questions during the lecture and also a few during the signing.

Here are new information - SPOILERS:

The Mortal Instruments (My CoLS Masterpost)

  • The reason for Jace’s chipped tooth: a battle with a demon
  • Jace running around naked with antlers on his head - TRUE STORY (it also involved fairies). He will mention it to Clary in City of Lost Souls
  • Nobody protected the mundanes before the Shadowhunters because the demons hadn’t discovered our world yet
  • Idris became hidden after the Shadowhunter race started
  • You can raise angels like you raise demons -> this will be mentioned in City of Lost Souls
  • Clary got her protection spell from a warlock we all know
  • There will be Sebastian POVs in City of Lost Souls and these will make it easier to understand him
  • Magnus will do a lot of spells in City of Lost Souls to “fix the problem [Jace]”
  • Simon will bite Izzy and this quote “Every time we see each other we fall into bed — and I know I started it, I’m not blaming you— it’s just that maybe we should *talk*.” is not about them, but they will spend some time in bed, talking. Cassie didn’t want to say if it’s Izzy and Jordan
  • Magnus smells likes sandalwood

The Dark Artifices (for even more information go here)

  • Arthur is the father
  • Mark is the oldest, then Helen, Julian (Jules), Tiberius, Olivia (Tiberius is a few minutes older than Olivia), Drusilla and Octavius is the baby. He is called Tavvy.
  • Cristina doesn’t have a surname yet but her nickname is Tina
  • Cassie always wanted to write about twins

Movie news

  • They are looking for adult actors right now (Valentine and Jocelyn). Cassie would love Michael Fassbender as Valentine but it’s not up to her
  • The ‘kids’ will be cast later

For the German fans

There will be an Institute in Cologne. You have to petition the Clave and it will probably be in the Cathedral right next to the train station. The two other German Institutes are in Berlin and Munich.

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